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Industry Nine Enduro Wheels (27.5-inch)

Rowdy riders rejoice! Industry Nine’s Enduro wheels are the perfect blend of strength, reliability, and performance—so get ready to have your mind blown! These wheels want you to ride on the ragged edge, to blast through terrifying rock gardens, skip across gnarly roots, and rail the hardest turns.… [more]

Industry Nine Ultralite Wheels (27.5-inch)

Your ultimate XC dream bike needs the ultimate dream wheels, and Industry Nine's Ultralite wheels never disappoint. They start with I9's gorgeous Torch hubs (made right here in the USA) that offer near-instant engagement for snappy responsiveness. I9's one-piece aluminum spokes don't use nipples;… [more]

Industry Nine Trail 24 Wheels (27.5-inch)

Today’s trail bikes are more capable than ever, and Industry Nine’s Trail 24 Wheels keep pace with you and your bike as you push your limits. A tremendous wheelset, the Trail 24s are lightweight and super tough. 24 of I9’s one-piece aluminum spokes are laced in their 2/1 pattern for optimal… [more]

Industry Nine PillarCarbon Trail 24 Wheels (27.5-inch)

Are you the type of rider whose ideal day involves spending all day on the bike covering lots of ground on technical trails? If so, Industry Nine's PillarCarbon Trail wheels may be your perfect partner. I9’s own PillarCarbon rims kick off this awesome wheelset; tipping the scale at 375 grams per… [more]

Industry Nine Trail Wheels (27.5-inch)

Don’t hold back with Industry Nine’s Trail wheelset. These wheels raise the bar on what a rugged, lightweight set of backcountry trail wheels should be. They start with I9's gorgeous Torch hubs (made right here in the USA) to offer near-instant engagement for snappy responsiveness. 32 one-piece… [more]

Industry Nine PillarCarbon Enduro Wheels (27.5-inch)

If you are searching for the next level of toughness, performance, and all-around radness, Industry Nine’s Enduro PillarCarbon wheels will blow your mind. They deliver everything you want in an all-mountain wheel at the weight of a respectable XC wheel. I9’s own PillarCarbon rims kick off this… [more]

6 Results

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